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Leo Weekly Horoscope for Leo

Week of 24th July 2017 to 30th July 2017

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


This week you are on fire and anxious to achieve and that will require having your family behind you and support you 100%, regardless of your age group or your position within the family. If you are head of family then you will need strong discipline and understanding with youngsters as behavior is essential. Cooperation from spouse must be wooed into place. Remember to reward everyone in the family as you go along through the week. If you are not head of family, then make sure you impress everyone so that you can receive the trust and understanding you need to get what you want to reach your goals. Opportunities for you are thick and plentiful this week and you need to "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may." Several opportunities to celebrate and rejoice are also likely this week but so are career achievements and income opportunities so balance them carefully.


This is an absolutely stunning and productive week in romance for Leo and with the opportunities for career, profit and income you'll need balance here to as one can be extremely distracting from the other. Single wheels will almost stumble over opportunity and the distractions can be strong. Upgrades are smooth and easy and almost fall in your lap. Strong sexual energy and snap are at their all-time high, particularly the Monday the 24th, Wednesday the 26th, again Thursday the 27th with a crash and one on Saturday the 29th that may be the ride of a lifetime single or paired. All I can say is, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Relish the time that you have with friends as you can pack here and there whatever you can get into the week as the demands and opportunities are wedged so tightly into everyday that sleep will barely be affordable. You younger Leo's will probably only get about 16 to 24 hours in the entire week. I'll be your friend and tell you to watch for dehydration, sun exposure and nutrition. Try to remember one word and that is moderation, moderation, moderation. I may be your best friend this week with that one word of advice.


Career can be the hottest thing you've got going this week as serendipitous energy, helpful power people and fantastic good fortune appear very likely this week. There is employment for the unemployed, especially Tuesday through Thursday the 27th and any one of you who lands and interview is likely to land the job it is attached to no matter how many others you have to beat out. Partnerships may be formed the 27th and 28th and lucrative positions and lateral moves also appear likely. Travel for work is very likely and any of you work in the food, transportation, medical or service industries fair the best this week.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to act on your emotions. Sometimes, you may be too quick to re-act, but this week, you're right to take a stance. Others are the same as always, but your perception of them will change radically. Be aware that your words and your actions will affect them greatly. You can probably talk your way out it, but everybody is watching to see the outcome. Stay calm and your confidence level will rise. Everybody wants security, but their concepts may be different than yours. Your job is to find some common ground and then to start from there. Call for a truce and really listen to others' opinions. Seek the help of those who want to be productive instead of destructive. Avoid miscommunications of any sort. You need to get focused on the realities that faces you. Lucky Numbers: 13, 22, 23, 38, 43, 47 Read more...