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Scorpio Daily Horoscope for Scorpio

Saturday, 24th February 2024

You will be in fine form to complete all your professional tasks. This will be a period when you will be interested in everything around you, in social life. You will be strong-willed, decisive, persistent.

Your feelings will be controlled, no passion. You will finally realize your plans, after long and painstaking work, thanks to your patience, to your experience, which you have always known how to use, to your common sense and also because you have never lost sight of your objective. You will see everything through rose-tinted spectacles.

Your ambitions will outstrip your abilities. Beware of over-spending. You will have a mad desire to party, you will abuse the pleasures that Life offers.

Your judgement will be hasty. You will be impulsive and bold, and - as a result of your lack of forethought - will have a few problems or accidents.