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Aries Weekly Horoscope for Aries

Week of 29th November 2021 to 5th December 2021

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 29th you can really gain through more work despite the fourth quarter Moon if you are willing to apply yourself and put frustrations aside and pour on the steam. Tuesday the 30th is likely to be somewhat of a nightmare day with a long and demanding day filled with one situation after another that requires your attention and with rather tawdry support and cooperation you may have to see to many issues by flying them solo but indications are for success with patient, steady efforts at the end of the day. Wednesday the 1st take one thing at a time and in order if you wish to have a day filled with good achievements. Thursday the 2nd there are some distractions in the early morning hours but the afternoon seems to zip by and the big message here is to finish what you start before the day is over. Friday the 3rd you must rebelled against self-interests and be as altruistic as you can and that will see you through, especially with the help of Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries, Leo and Cancer. Saturday the 4th, the New Moon and solar eclipse will give you new opportunities, beginnings and horizons to focus your laser-beam attention upon. Sunday the 5th is a warm and affectionate day filled with cheerful attitudes and wonderful cooperation.


Romance has some very unusual energies for the Ram this week. Rather cooperative energies appear likely, old loves can return in the form of actual personalities or hobbies, passions and pursuits. Also, new pets may explain what I am seeing in your stars. In any case, new love is on the way for even those of you who are long time paired, meaning upgrades are most likely, followed by old loves, pets and etc. Single Rams appear to have a heyday all week long with special good fortune on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoon and all day Sunday. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Your impatience may be up and running, along with a spike in aggressive energy which is not your fault, it is most likely the string of days with the Moon in the first quarter in Sagittarius, which really brings you tons of things to do. You organize fast, call upon help from your network and get cracking, often without taking breaks unless a good pal, who is the only one likely to get through to you, yaps at you to gear down a notch. Try listening this week, will you please, before you blow a gasket. Speaking of which, some of you older Rams, who are known for pushing yourself, will find out about that gasket over the next few weeks.


If you can not do very well this week, you'd better throw in the towel! Most of you show all you have to do is fall down and you are half way there! Successful ventures are laying all around to be picked like ripe plums. You may find a tad bit of sour grapes from envious coworkers near Thursday; blow it off and keep moving. Don't give it any energy. Get what you need from some other coworker or area known for what you need. Working late and working Saturday are both likely this week, along with unemployed Rams being called back to work and starting with a big bang.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's horoscope forecast is highlighted by an upsurge of positive energy. Even though you may feel pulled in different directions, if you keep the positive flow you'll feel refreshed. Don't be too embarrassed to speak your mind, if you are sincere, your words will be understood. Try not to put yourself in a position to have to seek a favor from someone you really don't want to be obligated to. Peers, co-workers may tend to let out emotional feelings, listen, lend support, but don't get caught up in negative bashing. If agreement not reached by mid-week, wait until next week to negotiate a better deal. Try hard to finish business obligations, early on in the week so you can spend some quiet time on the home-front. You'll enjoy the change of pace and so will everyone else. Read more...