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Aries Weekly Horoscope for Aries

Week of 11th January 2021 to 17th January 2021

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 11th there's plenty of cheer and harmony to help you balance through your day of professional achievements in an orderly fashion with good news and sturdy, tolerant outcomes. Tuesday the 12th your aggression goes on the rise and it may be easy to feel the weight of responsibility poured upon you by others, not only from above but laterally, as well. Wednesday the 13th the new moon brings new opportunities but duties that may be forced upon you by others and it may make you guilty of some impulsive emotional thinking, as a result. Handle the day as best you can as it appears to be a very long one. Thursday the 14th relief from some demands appears likely and a shorter day is also on the menu but increased aggression appears as likely, as well and brought to you by Capricorn, Scorpio, Aries, Leo and on top of that, you may have to deal with the temperament and testy Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius. Whatever you do, think first before you open your mouth today. Friday the 15th old friends, co-workers and constituents will help you with many things and make life so much easier. Saturday the 16th your nerves may be a bundle but the excitement that arises from around you will help carry you over the rough spots. Something exciting is in the air and there's no doubt you will want your piece of it. Accomplishments today look absolutely stellar and it is a relaxing and fulfilling day. Sunday the 17th you can gain through more work if you want to make it a project day or simply find wonderful changes and relaxing venues with friends and family for an exciting Sunday.


Romance does very well this week and some Rams will meet the love of their lives this week or, upgrade to far more serious status. At no other time (other than last September/October) will there be such an indication in the cosmos of Aries migration up to serious status. It's like you guys are lemmings to the sea! Rushing to the alter! The next wave will be in February around Valentine's Day, but for many of you, plans are cooking in your partner's brain right now; know it or not! Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Sentiment rules this week and those pals whom you love the most, will naturally be on your mind and seeing them, especially if you missed so during the last couple holidays, may be paramount. Hasty arrangements for gatherings are indicated near Wednesday and again Friday to Sunday. Touching base now, may be a good idea, rather than allow suspicions to take root.


This can be a very busy and demanding Monday to Wednesday and then it seems to all fall into place and/or pay off and for some of you, it may pay off big time or, at least remove irritants you've had in the past. Cooperation is best for starting new things from Thursday into Friday. Having to work the weekend, if you normally do not, is a possibility for a cross section of you; don't balk, just do it, as it may lead to profitable or good things.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by an important relationship that will become a turning point for you. Annoying people have no place in your life these days. If someone is over-stepping your personal boundaries, he or she needs to know about it. Being tough might gain you a little respect. This is not a popularity contest. Your principles may cost you, but it's well worth the price. What happens next could rest in your hands. An unpleasant task probably can't wait any longer. You still have time to save your good name, but not much. If you have to be accountable for your actions, there's no reason why others shouldn't own up to theirs. Choose wisely, the consequences of this moment will be yours forever. Emotion wells up briefly, drowning out your thoughts. Center yourself by focusing on the contents rather than the packaging. A moment of relaxation brings your sun out from behind its cloud. Read more...