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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for Scorpio

Week of 29th November 2021 to 5th December 2021

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 29th you have a tendency to daydream and drift off frequently as you bring yourself back to center throughout the day. The day itself is not a difficult one but it may be boring for some reason for a cross-section of you or you are impatient to get to the end of the day for some other reason. And enjoyable evening is indicated and that may be the key for some of you. Tuesday the 30th is a highly demanding day and shows a real tossed salad of events but it's best if you make few demands upon yourself and even less demands upon others to get through the maze. An enjoyable evening is indicated along with ultimate progress for the day. Wednesday the 1st the Moon moves into Scorpio in the fourth quarter and while it favors you the fourth quarter is still difficult for all of us. Take issues one at a time and it will be much easier than allowing them to overlap. Discipline your work and your thinking and don't try to problem-solve more than one thing at a time. Thursday the 2nd enlightening discussions may open your eyes to a number of things you haven't been aware of lately or, you see things that were unclear previously and now you are able to connect flap A with slot B. A light bulb goes on for many of you. Friday the 3rd new energies arrive to inspire several of you in new directions with new opportunities around the corner. Many of you are gearing up for new projects that haven't begun yet but you can sense them coming in the air with your psychic ability. Clear your plate and ready yourself they are coming next week on Monday. Saturday the 4th the New Moon and solar eclipse are very powerful and have your nerves plugged into "220 Volt." You want to do something and your wheels are really spinning it's the newness of it all that has you lit up like a Christmas tree. And maybe that's exactly what you're doing. Sunday the 5th is a cheerful and cooperative day with good attitudes and old-fashioned sentiment likely at gatherings and exchanges.


Some of you may be subject to getting the cart before the horse this week and/or trying to rush a status and bring it from dating or talking to physical activity. If a partner is willing, then fine but if you press too much, you may start to meet their family before you expected. More practical urges return you to sanity on Thursday. Then you slip into a timeframe where you may feel you have to struggle to get just the right point across in romantic situations. Singles do find several opportunities, but again: don't rush any of it, particularly from Monday to Thursday. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Shared hobbies, mutual passions and introducing your pal to your favorite activity in exchange for your pal introducing you to theirs is very typical this week. You may find you pick up far more useful co-ventures than you expected. If you don't do golf or skiing, maybe it is time for you to have someone introduce it to you. The other thing indicated is skydiving but let's wait until Wednesday and then give it three more days.


You appear to do very well without even much trying. Some of you may be setting up future business or opportunity without even realizing it. There are also indications that opportunity is "networked to you" through a far more vast network from Monday to Thursday, possibly the network of a power person or someone way above you. Not that you don't have your own impressive network to draw from, but this one looks like on the level of Steve Jobs or something. These are some heavy hitters here.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's horoscope forecast is highlighted by a fresh look at an old problem. Patiently go through all the facts at hand before you state your position. It may be several days before you are ready to articulate your response. Your basic values may be challenged over the next few weeks. The purpose is not to punish you, but to help push you forward. Open yourself to new ideas. You need to confront rules, restrictions, if something puzzles you, ask questions. You should seek an older, wiser point of view and you'll get a clearer look at things. Use your analytical abilities to clear away the wrappings and see the genuine product. Make plans, follow through but don't allow yourself to wander to far from the beaten path. Your personal friendships will become a source of pride. Your achievements will be addressed and you'll reap the rewards. Read more...