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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for Scorpio

Week of 15th August 2022 to 21st August 2022

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 15th, your morning seems to go expeditiously well, but you may have to fly things alone to have them fly better. Your afternoon may be a little more cooperative and your ability to influence others also is far improved. Tuesday the 16th is an excellent day to shop as beautiful purchases, just right items and hot bargains are on the menu. This also means that doing things just right and having things fall into place perfectly are also on the menu. So if you're looking to accomplish a job, today is the day to do it. Wednesday the 17th, there are several accommodating energies, one of them says to finish what you start, and another brings the promise of high contentment, quality information, excellent returns on your effort, reliable and dependable information, and materials to accomplish your goals. What more could you ask for out of a day? Thursday the 18th is going to be lots of work, or could mean a lot of new work and income for the Stinger. There is definitely a change in the air! Upgrades are likely and action is the word. Today begins with patient, steady efforts that lead to high success by day's end. Friday the 19th, your friends are extremely supportive and highly cooperative, strongly in tune with your needs. It's a perfect day to reach out and ask for the things that you want. It's also an excellent day for reminders. Saturday the 20th, it looks like you put a great deal of work and effort into the day for what may be special projects that are dear to you. Excellent accomplishments are indicated for the vast majority of you. Sunday the 21st, harmony, cheerfulness and strong affections are indicated. You are also number one with a bullet for asking the cosmos for a cherished wish. All you have to do is go out under the stars and the evening and ask but you must ask out loud -- even if you just whisper. Many of you will have it granted.


Your love life tends to take on a far more stable overtone and many of you may be seeking balance and stability more than you currently realize. Getting your status to that point is essential this week and you must do whatever it takes to accomplish that. As for single Stingers, they face one of THE most important weeks for starting new love than they will for the next 6 months. It starts Friday, picks up speed from next Tuesday to Thursday and does not look back until later December. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Strong ties, especially to older relationships, tend to deepen this week. Some may come through unexpected events, while others seem to be almost ordained by the cosmos. It is most likely that pals build a strong appreciation for you and your talents. They tend to treasure or value you far more than they did last week. Some of this may not be seen, measured or even observed until later weeks/months.


Looks like the week from hell for you with one day demanding more than the one before, especially Tuesday and Thursday. The cosmos will not help you much Wednesday if power people are involved. In fact, it may be better to appear totally professional and leave the office antics to some other co-worker! Be seen as a consummate professional at all costs. Much of the pressure appears to come off on Friday, and to your credit, you do good things with it!

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by minor adjustments or changes which may be necessary in work-related, business, or creative matters in order for you to make good progress. Perfecting or fine-tuning your skills and mental capabilities is a must at this time. Try not to waste your energies on nonproductive or inefficient work practices and avoid a tendency to bottle up your creativity. To accomplish your goals, you may need to rebuild your confidence and regain a sense of organization in your daily affairs and work patterns. This is also a time to articulate your dreams and to discuss your ideals and fantasies. You can use this period to express these delicate secrets. In ordinary terms, however, this can be a time of mixed messages and confusing communications. Read more...