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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for Sagittarius

Week of 14th October 2019 to 20th October 2019

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 14th a great deal of effort may go into the morning hours of planning and structuring and your afternoon appears very accomplished but try not to bite off more than you can chew as settling for just doing very well may have to do. Tuesday the 15th much exchanges about money and many deeds and actions to do with money appear likely and paperwork or contracts may come into play frequently and detail and focus on the bottom line is he sensual to avoid mistakes or encounter embarrassment. Wednesday the 16th many of you may have questions and wander off into philosophical discussions that grabbed your attention but bring your focus back to the practical matters at hand and try to stay in the moment and in body as you go through what appears to be a quite normal and accomplished day. Thursday the 17th many of you show excellent opportunities and wonderful career goodies with huge profit and great success potential. Friday the 18th is an extremely busy and demanding day with a great deal of opportunity hidden with in an extremely demanding litany of events that seem overwhelming and highly extravagant. Sort through them the best you can and simply do your job without breaking your rhythm. It will all pay off nicely at the end of the day and you will see that your efforts have actually increased your image and your reputation. Saturday the 19th is a wonderful and relaxing day and you need to recharge your batteries and pat yourself on the back. Sunday the 20th you can accomplish your honey-do list while questioning once again some of those philosophical things that you had on your mind back on Wednesday the 16th. In fact the things that arise may have to do with Wednesday the 16th. Finish them off in your mind today.


Romance does really well for both single and paired Archers with high rates of success with so many signs, you might as well say the whole zodiac is listed! Quality matches that last up to a long time to a life time are also likely, making this week a rather impressive week for a number of reasons. Even the shortest and most superficial of encounters could still stack up to be a big deal down the road if it happens this week. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


New friends are indicated and they appear to be focused around the 17th to 20th or from the events of the 17th to 20th with through a friend of a friend ranking as number one. But also, serendipitous encounters and situations you can quickly tell were really meant to be seem next most likely. Fate may hand you a new friend in a sudden situation. You never know!


Those of you in line for promotions, raise, praise or other forms of getting what you want that is very favorable may find it comes in groups, doubles or piles this week! You may be handed opportunities on silver platters from both far and near especially the 17th to 19th both on or off site! Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, just keep raking it in and stay at work as long as the sun is shinning down on you!

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by changes in your personal life. Don't overspend on luxury items. Do your own things and don't take anything for granted. If you get out and mingle, romantic connections can be made. Don't get sidetracked. Take care of your own needs and forget about what others are doing. Get into fitness and get yourself into shape. Get out socially with colleagues. Be very observant, secret information will be revealed. Get off to an early start, you can dodge disagreements with loved ones if you keep busy. Secret affairs could ruin your reputation and cause problems with your friends and relatives as well. Past romantic partners who try to waltz back into your life should be kept at arm's length. Your anger will be impossible to contain if you get into heated discussions with family members. Direct your energy into physical work rather than discord. Be productive. Read more...