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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for Sagittarius

Week of 29th May 2023 to 4th June 2023

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 29th seems to be a day filled with details and good accomplishments for you. Take care of all the little things first in the early morning and then move on to the bigger things in the afternoon hours, as your stars indicate that these will be the most supportive. Make few demands on others and even fewer on yourself. Tuesday the 30th, cosmic conditions favor almost every move you make. Excellent cooperation and good support combine to make your day quite successful. Wednesday the 31st, many of you may feel or appear anxious during the day, but that's only because you want to get on with it so badly. Don't let others see your anxiety; they may interpret it as pushiness. Just smile and nod and say it's okay. With patience and steady effort, you'll get what you want. The evening seems to be filled with enlightening discussions that may entertain or inform you. Thursday the 1st is a smooth little day that may be short for some of you as you leave early to pursue a more tantalizing personal life. Excellent success in romance and personal achievement during the evening hours will allow you to solve almost any problem and promote improvements in almost any status. Friday the 2nd, while you may find little cooperation during the day, it's extremely important for you to get all the small tasks done quickly so that you can make way for huge career opportunities that may come to you later in the day from a distance or through communication. Saturday the 3rd, under the full moon, many of you will be answering questions and filling out paperwork, contracts, or dealing with electronic communications. Sunday, the 4th, direct the impulsiveness of your emotions and keep a strong hand over what you say and do, and you will have a very successful Sunday.


This can be a hot week for Sagittarius with lusty energies that get to the "root" of what drives you. While you are not on the termination list, whoever you are paired with may be one of the signs high on the list: Gemini, Pisces, Virgo, or Cancer. But even if they are - paired with you -, they can get through with the right stuff. Bickering with Gemini is a threat, but not necessarily one that will lead to termination -- exasperation, perhaps -- but not termination. It is also a good week for singles, especially on Monday, Thursday and the weekend evenings. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Whatever "challenge energy" friendship will have for most of you this week, it will show up on or about Monday, possibly spilling over into Thursday if it is something from Monday that is delayed for some reason. Otherwise, there is probably nothing to worry about. In fact, just the opposite! Your star is likely to show up near Saturday/Sunday for very enjoyable gatherings, good times, and rewarding friendship exchanges.


You show a rather solid and reliable Monday, but after that, it may be anyone's guess where or how you will end up this week! Your patience may be exhausted, anxiety and annoyance seem to be on the rise, especially early Tuesday and Thursday, and exchanges with people in power seem to be strained for some of you Thursday/Friday. While you are much lower on the "problem list" this week, you may be forced to work with others who are at the top of the list and fall out, trickling down or over to you is likely.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's horoscope is highlighted by someone about to call your bluff. Friendly rivalry is more of an inclusive sport than a cutthroat competition. You need to establish your credentials before anyone takes you seriously. Feel good about yourself and prepare for a mental battle. Planning your strategy is easier when you're not under so much pressure. The longer you look, the more pressure you feel. You may not be an expert, but that shouldn't stop you from finding solutions. Everyone around you will exceed their personal best if they rise to the challenge. It's easy to remember what it feels like to be an outsider. You still have a lot of research to do before you can make a decision. By the end of the week, the clues will become clearer. You'll learn as you go, absorbing knowledge through your fingertips and the air you breathe. Read more...