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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for Capricorn

Week of 2nd December 2019 to 8th December 2019

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 2nd, it's wise to keep things as reasonable and in perspective as possible since it's likely some of you may be aiming just a bit too high on certain expectations or projects and before the day is over you will come to realize you need to recalibrate on a few things. After the recalibrations are done you will move on successfully. Tuesday the 3rd everything seems to move along nicely and you get the accomplishments and cooperation you have been seeking out of the day with a fine finish and excellent turnouts. Wednesday the 4th indications are that you find help easy to come by and that you are able to give excellent advice when asked by almost anyone, especially Pisces, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and a Scorpio. Other Capricorns may also seek out your advice and the two of you appear to work very well together today. Thursday the 5th is a fast moving day with a schedule that is difficult to maintain as interruptions and change ups seem to be the mode of the day. Friday the 6th cooperation seems rather hard to come by and flying things solo would be the best thing to do for you as expectations are to be kept reasonable if you want the best results out of your accomplishments. Saturday the 7th give serious thought to all that you put before you as scaling things to reasonable is the best way to have good results for the day. Sunday the 8th is an excellent day for anything financial as you have the magic touch and things are highly cooperative when you do attempt them, even discussions and particularly with signs like Taurus, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra and Pisces. Even Aries seems to have a reasonable ear.


Romance may be a threatening set back near the 3rd into later 4th, but usually only for those paired to Taurus, Libra, Gemini, Capricorn, Cancer or Scorpio. Aggression or unhappy circumstances in their lives may make them testy and inconsiderate of your feelings or position. Gently remind them or point out tactfully that they are failing to be fair some Capricorns may see long suffering status bite the dirt this week but it would have to be a status that has been in peril lately anyway to qualify. The 6th is the only good day for singles this week but what it does have, it's got lots of and long term. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Here again the needs of the one may outweigh the needs of the many you may have to make a choice whom to side with or devote your time, effort and energy to and if you do, make sure they are worthy.


Even the bad days are good this week as your stars show high rates of success, excelling at handing problems which may put a feather in your cap and impressing Mr. Big without even realizing you're doing so! Most of you will use careful mental analysis to solve issues and impress those around you easily but not notice you've done so. A big pat on the back may be waiting for you as soon as the 5th/6th or as far out as the week of the 23rd.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to make connections that help you discover who you are and what your goals are. Do the best you can and try to enlist some help from other friends or relatives. Helping others will be rewarding to you. Uncertainties regarding finances may upset you. Take a stab at doing your own thing or take time off to discover what you really want to do. Don't take on other people's problems. Make suggestions and get on with your own life. By week's end, things will start to turn in your favor. Past partners may re-surface, causing you some confusion. You will have to give some thought to the reason you broke up in the past. Chances are it just wasn't the right time for either of you. Read more...