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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for Capricorn

Week of 20th January 2020 to 26th January 2020

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday appears to be a highly accomplished day with quick results and the ability to finish everything that you start, which always leaves you with a very good feeling. Tuesday the 21st your stars indicate a very full plate and for some reason others or inanimate objects that malfunction pile on your plate and leave you with all kinds of extra unwarranted work to do and complicate your life for the day. This will only happen to a cross-section of you but for those of you who hit this one, the day can be a complicated one that spills over into the next day. Wednesday the 22nd those of you who have not been encumbered by extra duty from yesterday will find it an easy day filled with highly enjoyable encounter is with others who helped you with your tasks. Aquarius, Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius and other Capricorns can be very helpful if you need assistance. The day appears to be a highly accomplished one that ends well with a good sense of contentment. Thursday the 23rd it appears that others need you very much and seek out your insight and guidance expecting you to be the dependable and reliable one as you have been so many times in the past. Some of you will embrace this with a sense of pride while another cross-section of you may see this as nothing but pasty and burdensome. Nothing will make the majority of you happier than the new moon that hits in on Friday the 24th changing the energy you have been experiencing for this week so far into a wonderful and easy glide. Things become so much more cooperative and there's one thing you love and that is cooperation. You seem to get it from just about everybody and the support and ease with which you do things seems to be highly enjoyable throughout the entire day. Saturday is an excellent and accomplished day with wonderful humor from others and supportive energies that surround you all the way to the late afternoon hours. You must be aware there are few personalities who are a little on the sour side. That would be Virgo, Gemini, Aquarius and Cancer. Not all of them but the occasional sign can be slightly irritable or temperamental. Give them a wide berth. You do not deal with emotions well. Sunday the 26th is a highly enjoyable and very relaxing day in which you can either spend quality me time or enjoy mixers and gatherings with friends or family.


Romantic love may throw you into an emotional pressure cooker this week as your stars show it is far from smooth and other signs are prone to problems, bad attitudes, short fuses and other types of problems that can contaminate the good energy you try to start out with in any given love situation/s this week, especially when you try so hard to please the 20th/21st, leave yourself open and vulnerable the 23rd to 25th and focus on the future and mending fences the 26th. This is not, repeat not, a good week for singles with only the 23rd showing scant promise. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Friends mean well when they offer advice and when them make observations but your stars show this week you are better off flying it solo and following your own best gut feelings. Do let them know you appreciate their effort, kindness and thoughtfulness and smile out a sort of "...I'll consider trying that! Thank you!" Then do what you know, yourself, to be best.


This is a difficult week to navigate and there will be many signs having a tough ride of it. You may hear of terminations, change, downgrades, moves, revamping efforts, cut backs and reports of "Mr. Big coming to town soon to..." Avoid any speculation this week, as while there is room for negative omens they are unlikely to target you this week and far more likely to hit coworkers or constituents like Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Cancer and Libra who have been unable to hack it lately. While heads will roll, not many Capricorn ones will be among them. Deliver answers fast the 22nd/23rd, respect authority, even those not directly over you, the 24th and do not be seen as part of any unhappy factions complainers or water cooler gossipers and time wasters this week!

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to trust your gut instincts and be aware of your own power and effectiveness. Some situations in your personal life may be trying, to say the least. Try not to let them to make you feel down. speak to someone impartial and get their perspective. Don't allow expectations of family members to apply undue pressure on you. If you lose your focus, you could get careless. You will be effective in projects that you are able to promote on an international level. Partners could be important to the kind of success that will put your creative ideas on the map. Luck and love follow you throughout the week and could change your attitude about your lifestyle, social life, and abilities. Be sure you don't let any insecurities show. You don't have to do very much to attract what you need and want. Read more...