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Cancer Weekly Horoscope for Cancer

Week of 20th September 2021 to 26th September 2021

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


This week we start the week with a full Moon right on Monday the 20th so we get it over with right away so you can finish your week in style. The full Moon will rattle your nerves and possibly lead to headache and skin sensitivities for a thin cross-section of you. Digestive distress and breathing tension is also possible for a minority of you. Let's get on with it. The day itself can be a productive one if you remember to not get between the discussions of friends or coworkers who seem to be having a difficult time or who are at each other's throats. Yes, there will be hard work and there may not be a lot of gain for that work but it seems to be a requirement for today. Tuesday the 21st you get a lot further down the road with a whole lot more to show for it but while you have a great deal of energy there may not be a lot of support or cooperation around you and it's best to fly things on your own. Wednesday the 22nd there's cheerful cooperation and a great deal of assistance whenever you need it and you can depend upon signs like Libra, Aries, Leo and other Cancer for your best support. Thursday the 23rd self-examination is necessary before you insert yourself in situations that are precious to your goals. Make sure you see your position before you engage. The day itself can be an accomplished one and good financial news about or for family members or a partner in your life may be waiting for you when you get home. Friday the 24th good news on money is likely for a reasonable cross-section of you and there is employment for the unemployed, interviews, second callbacks and upgrades in current status. This is likely for a reasonable cross-section of you with those of you who hit this one being quite surprised at the quality or amount you receive. Saturday the 25th your morning hours may be quite difficult to get started but once you get rolling you have a quality day in which to accomplish a great many things. Sunday the 26th you show great comfort with the opposite sex who are able to bend over backwards to grant your every wish. Accomplish things with patience and you will find great harmony and cheer.


Many of you seem to be leading up to an emotional time of getting things fixed and straightened out near Thursday to Saturday and much of Monday to Wednesday may be days and situations where you are dealing, sorting, deciding and basically living to get to Thursday! Stay focused and continue to upgrade. Singles should have no problem finding viable candidates this week as there are plenty of productive windows sprinkled through the week. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Your stars show you may easily spend a bit more than normal on friends, friendship pursuits and activities or, be inspired to do so by various pals, especially Gemini, Sagittarius, other Cancers, Taurus and Scorpio. You also show multiple gatherings and a wide range of signs when you do gather; like 3 Taurus and 2 other Crabs. They almost "sing" and make sense; two of each sing for a total of 6, etc.


This week may move along very fast, but have rich, full days of one accomplishment after another with one day having nothing to do with the next or last! Be very careful with any and all written items, double check amounts, minor details and fine print. High action days from Tuesday to Friday may guarantee a wide variety of energies, you will have to juggle and balance successfully. Help from Capricorn, Virgo, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio and Taurus is very likely.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's horoscope forecast is highlighted by your ability to accommodate the unexpected. Flexibility and thinking on your feet will be called for now. The pace is very quick. You will be pulled in many directions at once and tend to scatter your forces, jumping from one thing to the next. Positively, you may come up with some fresh, original plan or insight that may seem crazy at first, but which is likely to be quite useful. Confidence and inner harmony prevail. You can move forward with creative projects and express yourself more easily and comfortably now. Your efforts are well-received at this time. Giving and receiving appreciation, love, and happiness come into your life now. You are moved to express your affections more openly than usual. You also want to be surrounded with beauty and harmonious people, and your artistic efforts flourish. Read more...