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Cancer Weekly Horoscope for Cancer

Week of 14th October 2019 to 20th October 2019

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 14th is a very productive little day with excellent cooperation and support from others who have a busy yet happy agenda. Signs like Aries, Leo, Libra and Scorpio may have a few extra problems and need a special touch from you but other than that it looks like an absolutely fabulous day. Tuesday the 15th examine your emotions carefully as you are prone to be extravagant not only with your emotions but with time, money and effort as well. Wednesday the 16th there's good news on finance and getting the nod on any kind of big-ticket spending or loans is likely. Thursday the 17th there is lots of communication indicated and communications back and forth with documents and paperwork likely. Your stars indicate that you should be very discerning today, especially if you are in any discussions between two people or trying to decide between two options. Sleep on it if/or when in doubt. Friday the 18th you have more information coming in and a much better chance to decide on something that you have been torn between. It's a busy and active day and one in which many decisions may be expected of you and you will have to telegraph much out to other people. Paperwork and communications are once again indicated and last minute travel or invitations are also likely today. Saturday the 19th there may be some planning or gathering plans to make and it appears to be a relaxing and enjoyable day for another cross-section of you to kick off your shoes and just enjoy a wonderful and celebratory day. Sunday the 20th the cosmos has slated new career opportunities for you in the queue and will be coming very soon in your life if it doesn't hit in today. There's also a beautiful purchase likely today for those of you who elect to go shopping.


Love and affection are thought to be the same things but in fact, if you have more of one than the other, you'll find the imbalance real fast! You need an affectionate and emotional love and not just an "I said it once three years ago" kind of love. You need to hear it, see it and most of all feel it in several different ways and on almost every day. Some personalities are just not up to that so many of you make do. If you feel yourself growing weary this week of making do try to count your blessings and take your focus off of the scrutiny. You are prone to being a tad too closely examining after the 17th. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Moody and emotional is always a consideration any Cancer faces; being that way or, encountering that energy in someone else. How much and about what seem to always be the big questions. This week your pals may need a good level head, especially the 14th to 17th and a sound emotional foresight, particularly the 17th to 20th; be there for them!


Your mood is excellent, your goals should fall into place almost on schedule; some of you will be a bit short and some may run long but 80 to 99% of you should get it done close enough to the way you want it. I don't think the 17thwill really get in the way for most of you, but you may see some minor complications relate to the 22nd to 24th if you go outside of this week or have to wait for any reason outside of this week.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by you being out of step and possibly out of control. Hang on for the burst of astrological fire that warms and clarifies you later in the week. Unless you can escape, there won't be another break in the action until late in the week. You're refreshed and ready for the next phase by week's end, which means that you won't panic when you hit your wall. Expect a few days of not getting your way. Turn your newfound creativity toward practical ends in the final days of this month, when you understand that you want power to help others instead of power for its own sake. A clear conscience lightens your load. Read more...