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Pisces Weekly Horoscope for Pisces

Week of 22nd January 2018 to 28th January 2018

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Emotions run very sensitive and very sentimental this week and many of you wish to address the more mundane and necessary duties on Monday the 22nd and Tuesday the 23rd so you can get to the more fun stuff on the 24th and 25th which can include spending, gifting, and purchasing of upgrades and preparing the household to receive new appliances, entertainment items such as TVs, gaming, surround sound systems and other types of items that create family unity. Highly enjoyable gatherings are indicated the 25th into the 27th and may be for decision-making or discussion and planning for upcoming spring holidays and summer vacation plans. Travel as a whole or in groups is possible or planning for such especially near the months of June and September. Visitors or siblings who dropped over appear likely this weekend particularly Friday the 26th in the evening and during the daytime hours of the 27th. Milestone events within the family appear likely both the 27th and 28th in what may be two separate situations or similar events and may take place on two separate sides of the family.


Your 'mood' is easily shaped this week by the emotions and reactions of others with escalation energy the 22nd to 24th, strong 'negotiation' energy the 25/26th and celebratory 'mile stone' energy the 26th to 28th. Music 'sets the stage' and affects you subliminally, even music in the background while shopping can subliminally affect your 'spending rate' or weakness, especially IF it is loving or 'sentimental'. Stores do this; it's a TRICK to get you to spend. Tune out IF you can't afford it. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Old pals may connect near the 23rd to 25th and new ones appear to be made the 26th to 28th or from the events of them. Born out of 'mutual interests' they may last a lifetime! Some indications are that FRIEND status can/may easily 'upgrade' without your intentions into 'far more than expected' and out of your control. A friend may be a bed/life mate before you realize it.


Respect for authority the 22nd, your own 'insights' and gut feelings the 23rd, expedience the 24th, promptness the 25th and strong 'follow through' especially on any new projects or goals the 26th, will insure you a most successful week in job, career, income or business. But think 'be practical, problem solver and compassionate listener' each and EVERY day; don't spend or risk... JUST LISTEN. Silence is golden and the EARS are the pathway to wealth this week! Lucky YOU... you have TWO... use both!

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by a realization that you need the love & attention of others. You're disciplined enough to accomplish anything you want. Rid yourself of bad habits. Problems with older woman in your family may be alarming. You should do things that involve family reunions. Get yourself into projects that will enhance your appearance and help you change your self-image. Sudden events may change your life. Your first impression must not influence your final decision. Don't show favoritism. Be careful not to manipulate a situation to your own liking. A good friend may be interested in more than just a friendship. Look at the situation realistically, or you may ruin the connection that you have. Lucky Numbers: 17, 28, 29, 33, 37, 47 Read more...