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Pisces Weekly Horoscope for Pisces

Week of 16th May 2022 to 22nd May 2022

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 16th, under the Full Moon, is a long and demanding day with very complicated but extremely rewarding aspects for a hefty cross-section of you. For those of you who are on your feet and not suffering from common cold, hay fever or back problems, the day is a highly accomplished one. Tuesday the 17th, you are original and able to problem-solve for yourself and other people with a clear and genius mind. Your optimism is excellent and infectious to others. Wednesday the 18th, it's clear that you are the leader and you lead others out of the muck and mire of their problems early in the day when they are lost, restless and indecisive. The later hours of the day you are highly constructive and able once again to solve problems and lead others strongly. Soothing and calming seems to be once again your task for the day. You but apparently seem to be the one who keeps everyone going like the mortar that holds the brick-wall together. Thursday the 19th, your day appears to run along rather smoothly but there is one sudden abrupt change mid-morning for a reasonable cross-section of you and once you have adapted to that change and fixed it, your day goes back to moving along nicely. Friday the 20th is an excellent day with wonderful accomplishments and others around you seem grateful and reward you in the spotlight of their attention and affection. Mr. Big may be highly grateful to you as well. Saturday the 21st, your morning rolls along wonderfully with excellent accomplishments and then just after lunch there is a distraction or interruption that breaks your concentration and momentum. Once it is attended to you can go back to your accomplishments and rhythm and once again with the remainder of the day establish a pace of accomplishment. Sunday the 22nd appears to be an excellent day with exciting romance and high accomplishments in love. Many of you may take your status up a notch or there may be love at first sight for a hefty cross-section of you. In any case, the day appears to be a very highly enjoyable one with deep and rich sentimental energy.


Any love challenges also appear very avoidable this week, particularly those that surface either on Tuesday or again in a similar fashion from Friday to Saturday. If you are paired to Gemini, Cancer or Virgo; avoid the first slot by using calm vocal tones and letting them talk first and talk it all out and if you are paired to Leo, other Fish, Capricorn, Aries, Libra or Taurus, you can avoid the second one by not talking about money or how they implement discipline to pets, children or etc. Single Fish may find promising and lifelong results in meetings that hit on Friday evening or all-day Sunday. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


No one spoils their pals like you do! Just keep in mind while you are gift buying the reciprocation ability, the pride level and the sincerity not matching the income of those you gift! The kindest thing to do may be to not spoil them so much, but hit some impressive gratitude dollar amount somewhere in the middle for them. Enough to say "I really treasure you" but not so much that they feel they could never return the favor or that their gift pales in comparison.


You appear to put a lot into Monday and it may have excellent outcomes and pay backs but a bit farther down the line than you bargained or hoped for! Communications misunderstandings or factual mistakes could throw a monkey wrench into all you do on Monday and not fix until later on Tuesday/Wednesday. A lot of writing and/or talking is indicated for Monday to Wednesday, even along with the other efforts and could easily be you, making one of the best negotiations of your recent career life. Answer all inquires fast Thursday into Friday and use respectful vocal tones, especially when or if you are in a hurry. Do not allow your frustration with lesser people show via your voice.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's horoscope forecast is highlighted by a fresh start in a new direction. Things seem to be going extremely well, in your personal as well as your professional life, but you may feel as if something is missing. You need to put things into a more positive perspective. Once you do, you'll feel less stressed. Focus your energy into a new plan or project that benefits many people. You won't need to go looking for anything in particular but something spectacular will present itself to you. Make sure you express your appreciation to those who have helped you,on your quest. Learn to try to let things come to you,rather than chasing rainbows. If you find something that tickles your fancy, discuss it with your mate and their perspective may just give you the spark you need to make things happen. Read more...