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Pisces Weekly Horoscope for Pisces

Week of 26th August 2019 to 1st September 2019

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


This can be a very challenging 4 days for a cross-section of you as you muddle through the 26th to 29th but let me see if I can help you day by day. Let us begin with the 26th where indications are you actually have a relatively good day with wonderful accomplishments and help from signs like Taurus, Libra, Aquarius and other Pisces. Tuesday 27th may become your first challenging day as complaints and last-minute problems surface quickly in the day and continued to pepper throughout the day on and off all the way to the later afternoon hours. Long discussions in the evening are indicated but can be put to bed quickly if you take a firm stand. Elders may need attention especially if they are Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn or Cancer. Wednesday the 28th you may be needed very badly as indications are several signs may be lost or confused and there could even be some bickering going on between members. People need to be reminded to focus on the future and not to dwell on the mistakes that they have made. Encourage them to look ahead and not to dwell. Thursday the 29th Virgo, Gemini, Leo and Cancer may be prone to sarcasm, short fuse and caustic words. They may even these directly at you or simply exhibit this behavior around you. Do not insert yourself but if they come to you with problems you may want to point out the source of their problem. they probably won't shoot the messenger. Friday the 30th everything changes dramatically and improvements across the board are highly likely as good news arrives on employment, finance and upgrades within the family. News of engagements, weddings, births and moves appear likely. You do show a bad case of drop butt near bedtime however. Saturday the 31st you are new renewed and refreshed and show a wonderful and exciting day with invitations and visitors likely. Sunday the first your ESP is in excellent condition and exciting social life along with last-minute invitations and sudden family gatherings may make for a wonderful Sunday.


There is a viable threat of termination energy for a reasonable cross section of you as we near the 28th and into the day of the 29th! The sad thing here, appears to be that this may be brought at the hands of the most inconsequential and foolish of topics, feelings, issues or petty reasons. None of this appears to be any kind of fodder that is worthwhile. Single Fish do very well this week and may find opportunity hidden in almost any situation. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


New friends are also indicated this week and may be born out of sudden encounters the 27th, 30th and the day of the 1st. The desire to spruce up your life and add sparkle to your social exposure is very strong the first and any invitations, even if they are last minute, should not be passed up anytime between the later hours of the 30th.


Show respect for bosses and the needs of bosses who must report to higher-ups of their own on the 26th and especially again on the 28th into the day of the 29th. Trying to show compassion, identifying with them or that you at least understand and appreciate their challenges may garner you a great deal down the road, particularly if power people must make decisions on whom to trust as they ponder issues over the weekend on the 1st. Keeping or having you in mind may make all the difference by the end of September.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by an upsurge of your positive energy flow. Recently you have felt as if something was holding you back, this week, everything will click. Your good mood will be highly contagious, others will respond. You'll be everywhere at once, moving so quickly, that people might miss you, if they blink. It's important for you to have your personal touch on everything. If you immerse yourself, your senses will take you for the ride of a lifetime. You still have a long way to go. Enjoy the trip as you move ahead, touching, tasting and experiencing everything from a new perspective. Try to include as many other people as possible in your plans. They'll appreciate the security you offer in organizing projects. Use the resources you have available to you & you'll find new ways to complete your tasks. Read more...