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Virgo Weekly Horoscope for Virgo

Week of 2nd October 2023 to 8th October 2023

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 2nd can be extremely demanding but holds the potential for accomplishment through rewarding work, but postpone any decisions that do not sit well with you as your ESP may not be up to snuff. Tuesday the 3rd seems to be a day filled with small mistakes and the possibility of spending more than necessary on certain agendas or items, and it would be good for you to check and see if cheaper options are available elsewhere. On Wednesday the 4th, cooperation seems difficult to get from others, but progress can still be made if you try to outwit other individuals and strike out on your own with your own ideas and individual thoughts about the right thing to do. Attitudes are not the best, so flying things solo would be a good idea. On Thursday the 5th, things get much easier and new beginnings and new horizons are most likely for a large part of you. Opportunities will come faster and more easily than the last 3 days you have had to muddle through. Your evening hours will not be easy to manage as you may encounter selfish, narcissistic, resentful or even hostile personalities. Friday the 6th is a much better day, especially for dealing with people or institutions in power, as they are most agreeable and answers come quickly. Saturday the 7th, work goes very smoothly, and you can get well ahead of yourself in getting any job done. It's a great day to tackle a special project. Sunday the 8th is a wonderful day to relax and focus on the future with mental daydream planning, as you can really bring things into focus. For others, it's a very sentimental and old-fashioned day with good gatherings and sharing.


Pride, prudence and dignity are all necessary ingredients to promote and protect yourself this week. Your stars indicate that you are more than willing and inclined to bend over backward when you might not have been so accommodating in other situations. Something about the "now" makes you a little eager and your "bar" a little lower than usual. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Caution is your middle name, even with buddies. Anyone who seems to cross a line that makes you feel even a little strange deserves your focused attention, and quickly. You are also very susceptible to the return of old pals; in fact, you are number one with a bullet for likelihood. Libra, Leo, Aries, and Taurus seem to be candidates, but I know that you do not normally move quickly, and the chances of you being "taken in" are slim to none. But you never know...if you are single, vulnerable, or depressed, be very careful!


You seem to put a lot of work, effort, elbow grease, money, time, and even reputation on the line, sort of Monday through Thursday, and your return on investment may show up, or an omen of it may show up, as soon as Friday through Sunday, or as far out as having to wait until late February/March. In any case, the closer to home the trades are, the better they may be. Having to be "away" from a chance to "supervise" and watch what is going on is another veiled threat. Check in constantly and never tell them when you might "drop in," even if you have no such plans.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

Invest energy in improving your outlook this week, especially in your relationship. Reconnect with your partner and make amends if you've neglected their needs. Strengthen your partnership through compromise. Hidden assets may come in handy for innovative business ventures. Seek help or extensions when needed, pursue career opportunities, and collaborate with others to achieve success. Consider a career shift and attend seminars for insights. Don't overcommit; take time to recharge if necessary. Read more...