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Virgo Weekly Horoscope for Virgo

Week of 20th January 2020 to 26th January 2020

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 20th you are quick-witted and seem to have all the right information and all the right answers. Your day is not only accomplished but highly productive but call it an early day and make sure you finish everything for the best results. Tuesday the 21st appears highly uncooperative and many of you may find the day is a struggle from beginning to end especially with anything foreign or unusual that you are handed to do. Wednesday the 22nd appears to be a huge improvement, given the Moon is in the fourth quarter, and you are favored by friends and co-workers and may also find that you are given special treatment in some way but enhance has income and power. There's employment for the unemployed and second interviews likely as well. Most unusual for a 4th quarter moon. Thursday the 23rd be very careful with anything written that contains facts and figures or find the bottom line information that must be read and paid attention to as you are vulnerable especially in contracts and paperwork of any kind. Even if you are accustomed to handling the same kind of saying every day,... it is wise to peruse it over and make sure there's nothing new that has been added. It is a new year and there may have been something altered or made into a new edition. Friday the 24th you may have a Friday the 24th you may have a rough start Friday the 24th a cross-section of you may find a rough start to your day but it will smooth out nicely by mid-afternoon hours with good news, high productivity, new offers and new opportunities likely for another hefty cross section of you. Saturday the twenty-fifth you are relaxed, your sense of Saturday the twenty-fifth you are relaxed, your sense of humor is in excellent forum and you are anxious to share your morning and afternoon however, some of you may find cause to lose your temper in the mid-afternoon hours for some reason or another. It seems Aquarius, Cancer, Gemini and other Virgo personalities may cross swords with you. Keep yourself on a short leash. Monitor your vocal tones as well as some of this may be totally subconscious. Sunday the 26th appears highly relaxing with several enjoyable energies that could be anything from me time with friends and family or simply me time off enjoying yourself doing what you want to do.


Boy, does this week sting for love; what does start, fizzles fast and shows likelihood of big disappointment and a level of complication/s where you wished you didn't even start it, some as soon as the 30th/31st and others out as far as later February into later March. Paired Virgos start out the week talking, talking and talking but working out all the little kinks and very successfully. If a love interest comes to you with a request this week; better pony-up and fast! Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Some of you may suffer from insecurity and imagined fears and for a tiny, yes "tiny" cross section of you, those fears may come to bear near the 25th, give or take 12 to 24 hours on either side, but only with pals like Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aquarius or Leo and then it really does appear to be more of a tempest in a teacup than a big blow out. Show respect, listen closely and if you do hit this one, it will all be mended by/before February 1st.


Just not making any mistakes the 20th to 22nd, especially in small details, amounts, timing issues and calculations will make this a successful week for the Virgin! Gaining a boatload of experience is indicated on or by, the 22nd/23rd and the insight you gain from it may become useful as soon as the 22nd/23rd itself or as far out as the 30th, February 19th, March 20th or later August into later September. Some of you may hear scuttlebutt about those time frames this week and promotions or changes relating to them; if you do, it is likely an omen of very, very good things to come for you. This is going to be a Virgo year soon and Virgo benefits in career first and most in a Virgo year!

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to tread lightly on weakened personal and professional relationships. People at a distance may hurt your pride. Some may disapprove with your tactics, and will clearly let you know, how they feel. Don't try to take on everybody by yourself. Group projects may require the use of kid gloves. Emotions and feelings will interfere with your ability to bring people closer together. You need to take a closer look in the mirror and face your own personal challenges. Recognize your abilities and follow your dreams. Your home could be a wonderful base of operations. Your future success may include working creatively from a home office or shop. Write a contract with yourself and give yourself a good salary. What you send out to the world will come back, positively. You'll be especially proud of your home and your new lifestyle. Read more...