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Virgo Weekly Horoscope for Virgo

Week of 6th July 2020 to 12th July 2020

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 6th the key to a successful day will be to keep your thinking in balance with your emotions and not allow either one to run away in the extreme. It's a highly accomplished day and one where the outcomes of what you do can be most profitable if you focus. Tuesday the 7th your morning may be somewhat challenging but your afternoon is most impressive and power people may be very pleased with what you have done. Wednesday the 8th with Mercury retrograde it's likely that is what is responsible for how sensitive, jumpy, touchy and even addled some of you may be or feel throughout the day. No one can get on your nerves worse than Aries, Scorpio, Gemini and even other Virgos. You may have to struggle to communicate with others so think first or rehearse before communicating. Thursday the 9th you feel much better and are on solid ground where you can make excellent decisions as this is the day to decide things both large and small. Friday the 10th is a wonderful day where you can accomplish a string of cheerful and cooperative goals. Excellent information may be at your fingertips for the asking as others are most cooperative in supporting you left and right. Saturday the 11th there is a vague feeling of restlessness, insecurity and a tendency to worry that may cloud the back of your mind throughout the day. You must investigate and kill this off or it will haunt you throughout the day. Also, be sure you finish what you start or it may dwindle into your next three days. Sunday the 12th Mercury goes direct, hallelujah! Many of you will find great relief from the retrograde being over and Sunday is a wonderful little day to feel it. It's full of idealistic romantic and friendly energies and a relaxing and enjoyable day with others. Plans for the very late evening may be somewhat unreliable but has nothing to do with the retrograde.


Many of you are just not in the right frame of mind for anything new, much less challenging, this week and if you are placed in said situation/s, it may be best to have an escape or opt out plan, especially you August Virgos. Those of you in long time matches, could see some tension build near the 6th over issues like discipline and plan making and/or the 9th/10th over money or materials management. This is far from a good week for singles. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Worry is an energy you are so tightly tied to that you often just can not distance yourself from it. Worrying over pals and how they will fare is one thing but worrying over the status between you two or three may be taking things a bit too far this week. Most exchanges appear comfortable and stable the 6th/7th when pals are most likely to do you favors and provide valuable assistance. The worry part seems to have its roots in the 8th to 14th and may unnerve you at times. Take a step back if you feel it might help balance things.


A week that may start out with anything from a hefty challenge to an outright disaster can do a 180 and turn in your favor, especially with the help of superiors or power people the 8th into 9th and salvage out big time but leave your nerves jangled and your confidence ruined, nonetheless. Try not to allow that to take hold of you. Sometimes sh*t happens and all you can do is deal with it as quickly and cleanly as possible. Do not spend time lamenting. There may be some element of financial risk afoot the 9th/10th and stalling is always a good idea!

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your involvement in fund-raising or family enterprise. Don't blow recent situations out of proportion, use your intuition to lead you into the right direction. If you try to use emotional blackmail, it'll backfire on you. If you put your energy into physical outlets, you'll avoid confrontations. Follow your intuitive instincts for best results. Your ideas will be well planned and easily implemented. You may want to contemplate a professional and residential move in the near future. Take care of home-improvement projects and real estate matters. You will have to do all the fine detail yourself if you want this concept to fly. Someone you work with may not see things the same way you do. Don't be swayed to do things their way. You work best when you follow your own instincts. By week's end, you'll be ready to invite good friends over. You'll need to relax and get your mind off your work and your worries. Read more...