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Virgo Weekly Horoscope for Virgo

Week of 21st June 2021 to 27th June 2021

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 21st launches a highly productive and insightful week for you. You should focus and make the most of it. Tuesday the 22nd Mercury goes direct and ends the retrograde. You should follow your instincts and respect flashes of ESP, especially any that involve Pisces, Taurus, other Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini family members or personalities with whom you are very close. Wednesday the 23rd, you being the topic of discussion is possible and praise along with receiving special considerations within the family appear a likely outcome. Thursday the 24th, the full Moon has you working hard for very little gain but there is cheerful cooperation and excellent camaraderie as you do. Friday the 25th, you can gain support for your ideas and special plans as it appears to be the best day for you to ask for favors and push that little extra inch for what you want. Saturday the 26th the majority of your day is highly productive and a hefty cross-section of you may have a working daytime hour while the majority of you show a later afternoon and evening filled with a hefty social life. Sunday the 27th, a hefty cross-section of you may be engaged in enjoyable family gatherings or special events in which you play important roles.


Romance is good this week but tolerance, compassion and understanding get you through with ease, from Monday to Thursday, while impatience, aggression or annoyance may sink your happy little ship on Friday/Saturday if you don't approach with calm, reasonable and willing energies; this one is for both single and paired Virgos. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


There may not be enough time/days in the week for all you want to do or all that you are invited to do! Long distance communications, invitations, travel, entertaining visitors and spending on pals, especially Gemini, Aries, Leo, Cancer or other Virgos is highly likely. Pick and choose and try to be wise.


Focus on detail on Monday, but not to the point where you obsess and make yourself crazy! Give it the once over and let it go. Praise, raise, recognition and being handed opportunity appear likely on Tuesday. Avoid gossipers and time wasters on Wednesday and be seen as highly productive. Your pace quickens noticeably on Thursday/Friday and a hefty cross section of you get real busy, fast. Self employment income spikes!

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's horoscope is highlighted by flowing creativity and a playfulness to the world around you. You'll be able to see the bigger picture and understand why it's beneficial to you to cooperate with others. Expect communication problems. Take time to go over critical details; make sure nothing's left out or misunderstood. This measure will save you a lot of grief. Truth can be a really tricky business. It all depends upon where you stand. An open mind will help you to see and understand others' viewpoints. Your first response may not be the best one, so dig deeply if you want to make a good impression. You may not be criticized, but you could be reminded what it takes to work as part of a team. Read more...