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Leo Weekly Horoscope for Leo

Week of 2nd October 2023 to 8th October 2023

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 2nd, your morning hours are very productive, and it seems that work is the most important agenda for you and rolling up your sleeves and diving in is what you do most naturally. The later hours seem reserved for the more interesting and romantic pleasures that come naturally to you and are highly successful. On Tuesday the 3rd, you can get things done with great patience, and if you use that patience, you will win the day and survive the abrupt change that the late afternoon hours have in store for you. You adapt extremely well to any condition of going from one extreme to another. On Wednesday the 4th, it may not be easy to get off to a good start, as a rough night's sleep may be in store for a cross-section of you. Still, wonderful progress is indicated for most of you, especially if you make few demands on yourself and even fewer demands on others. Some of you may have a short fuse in the late afternoon, but this can easily be resolved, for the late afternoon and early evening signs are of great harmony and joy. Thursday the 5th, the big message seems to be to finish what you start in the morning hours, for disciplined work and serious thought will get you whatever you want, and by late afternoon, new beginnings and new opportunities seem to be quite plentiful for the vast majority of you. It's not uncommon for many of you to encounter some sultry personalities who are having a difficult time, especially Aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio, Aries and the occasional other Leo. On Friday the 6th, your attitude is very cheerful, and you are filled with sensitivity and moody emotions during the daytime hours and high excitement and sentimentality during the evening hours when your drive is to socialize and exchange ideas. You will broaden your horizons by going out into the world and discussing just about anything. Saturday the 7th, travel is likely and can be both near and far, and exchanges with travelers or visitors seem likely. Sunday the 8th, your judgment is poor, and you are vulnerable and gullible in the morning hours, but this period varies from Leo to Leo and then improves after a while, and you find cheerful cooperation from others.


Oh yes, you are definitely in the mood for a spike, a raise, or something not boring in romance right now. If you are paired, you want spice, and if you are single, you want action of some kind. Just remember that desperation makes a very visible target for those who are practiced at preying on the malleable, especially the emotionally vulnerable. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Moody, troubled and over-emotional friends may crawl out of the woodwork this week, and you are such an old softie! Of course, you will rescue them, be an armchair shrink, open your home, your heart and maybe even your wallet. Don't you dare if it's someone with any kind of old track record, even if it's not with you? Listen to common friends if you meet them. Otherwise, enjoy building bonds by being there for those you love.


This will be a week with at least a few challenges, most likely those far away, dealing with foreign connections or related to travel, vehicles, or transportation. Communication will be a close second, with misunderstandings, incorrect facts, figures or information being passed around, giving or receiving the wrong impression about almost anything. Double-checking is a wise precaution.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

In the week ahead, expect a promotion or career advancement. Ensure accurate information by relying on your support team. Beware of unfounded blame; remain vigilant to avoid unnecessary purchases. Exercise caution with co-workers and bosses, as intimate relationships can lead to complications. Safeguard your personal reputation by avoiding involvement in others' affairs. Gather information before making significant decisions. Read more...