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Leo Weekly Horoscope for Leo

Week of 12th April 2021 to 18th April 2021

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 12th you put a great deal of effort and energy into the morning hours with nervous excitement and cheerful cooperation supporting what you do. Make the most of it as you will be fast moving and quick thinking. The afternoon hours may be a bit more challenging as you may have some financial issues or demands to solve. Tuesday the 13th cooperation may not be as good as it was yesterday and more financial issues to juggle appear likely for a reasonable cross-section of you. The day ends extremely well but you show a need for self-control, especially in discussions or exchanges with Aries, Scorpio and other Leo. Wednesday the 14th strong demands for your expertise may lead you to opportunities you did not realize you had. A late evening broken promise may irritate you but if you want to have your romantic pleasure and your popularity continue, it would be wise to bite your tongue and say nothing at this time. Solve it later near the next week Wednesday or Thursday. Thursday the 15th can be a huge red letter day for the vast majority of you. Opportunities and big chances may present themselves for the vast majority of you. You can dream big and make those dreams come true and you may receive big promises along with them. Be optimistic and push for the limit. Look for help from Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries, some Taurus and other Leo. April Taurus is best. Friday the 16th can be a highly accomplished day but others' plans may conflict with yours and if you should hit this one, step back and fly it solo by yourself. Saturday the 17th you can gain through more work as there appears to be a great deal going on around you like a three-ring circus. Many demands on your time are likely and while great progress is indicated, this day is once again a good day for you to fly things solo as distractions are everywhere today. Sunday the 18th a short trip or road trip appears likely for a hefty cross-section of you. Pay attention to details and take all necessary items with you. Others of you may be entertaining visitors from afar. It looks to be a highly enjoyable with strong family feeling like bonds.


Romance takes on a very highly sexually motivated and driven sort of energy/karma this week, particularly on Wednesday which has you on the go and investing heavily in many forms from Thursday to Saturday. Sunday appears to be an up and down, demanding day that is packed full of unusual demands for a hefty cross section of typical Lions. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Call in the troupes; whomever you trust should be at your side this week, especially on Wednesday and on Sunday when you may need anything from extra pairs of hands to a good strong shoulder. It's very hard for the Lion to lean on anyone but if or when the need hits, for goodness sake, do some leaning!


Cooperation is poorest from coworkers, some power people and from anyone who is bringing their personal, private or internal self issues out into the work place or during exchanges, meetings or simple elevator conversations. Too much information or TMI is likely to be tossed around more than one Leo workplace arena this week. Pisces, Virgo, Cancer, some other Lions and Taurus are prone to put it out there, and in neon! If you are dealing with sensitive high profile plans or goals; be careful who you draw in, when and how much you inform them of.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's horoscope is highlighted by emotional and physical stress, that has you feeling a little down. If you don't choose our words carefully, miscommunications or misunderstandings may occur. You have many things on your plate that you may feel like running away from everything. Now is the time to take charge of your own destiny. You will be able to accomplish many things, but first you must make the effort to learn new techniques and procedures. Look into education or re-training courses to help you to reach these new goals. Your ability to communicate will enable others to understand your motivations. Don't allow others to put you in the middle of their problems. When asked to give your opinion, express your feelings strongly and clearly. You can lend an ear but you cannot solve their problems for them. Let them clearly know that. Take some time this weekend to visit to call someone who's been on our mind. You may just make their day. Read more...