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Leo Weekly Horoscope for Leo

Week of 26th August 2019 to 1st September 2019

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 26th is one of the most productive days of your week and you must literally use it for all it is worth. Schedule things and plan things and see what you can get into place as quickly as possible. Cooperation is at its best in the morning and into the mid-afternoon. Tuesday the 27th seems to be a relatively cooperative day until we reach p.m. hours and then it's long and drawn-out. Much may be dumped in your lap in the evening hours seem to be an absolute nightmare of emotional complaints and problem solving. Wednesday the 28th a difficult start to your morning seems possible for a hefty cross-section of you while for the rest of you it's simply navigating a difficult obstacle course but feels a bit on the draining side. Ideal finished your evening may make the majority of you fuel the day was worth it after all. Thursday the 29th many of you may have a normal day but for some reason become the life of the party and the center of attention in the later afternoon or evening hours at some function, gathering or social community event. Friday the 30th the new moon brings great relief and new opportunities to the vast majority of you as old problems melt away and new directions bring new vistas. Saturday the 31st personal relationships are cheerful and anyone you wish to mend fences with this is the perfect day to do it. It's also a wonderful quality me time day. Sunday the 1st indications are for new friends and new opportunities in an exciting social life for networking and expansion.


Termination energy 'threat' or at the very least serious problems do appear likely the 26th and 27th and differences over behavior, honesty, discipline of youth and other types of interference through in-laws, siblings or extended family members could contribute to the problems indicated. For single Lions, this can be an excellent week as indications are the 27th and 30th - 3rd are excellent hunting grounds for long-term solid relationship status with promising returns. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Ascertaining that you are able to be free from the encumbrances of the responsibilities from both career and personal life before committing to leisure activities or hobbies with pills would be a good idea, particularly the 26th and 27th and again the 29th. New friends, networking opportunities and other types of enjoyable gatherings are indicated the 30th to 2nd.


Indications this week may be that you have problems with power structure, particularly that which is above that above you. The more distance, space or people between you and other power figures the more likely the problem. Others being absent that, especially due to illness also appears to be a contributing factor, particularly the 28th and 29th. Decision making me go on behind the scenes and being left out of the loop is something that will really short and your fuse, particularly the 26th and or again the 29th. Drastic improvements are indicated the 30th and a 180 turn around on many things may light up your job/career life.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your self-discipline, training, persevering through a dry or slow period, and working quietly or in meager circumstances are themes in this time period. You have the ability and stamina to concentrate, to work carefully and thoroughly, and to accomplish something modest, yet of real practical value and substance now. This is an excellent time to eliminate whatever is unnecessary and outworn in your life from clutter and disorder in your environment to an unhealthy relationship or even a long-held attitude or belief which keeps you from going after what you really want in life. Read more...