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Leo Weekly Horoscope for Leo

Week of 2nd December 2019 to 8th December 2019

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 2nd appears to be a day of caution where you are discerning and carefully picking and choosing through the events of the day. It is not a day of poor cooperation but one where everything that goes under your nose gets a very close and discrepant eyeball from you. Tuesday the 3rd you are up and running at record speed with a smooth and accomplish day beginning with the smallest of tasks and working your way up to the larger ones that require big kahuna's. Wednesday the 4th don't push or force any issues and use great patience with any and all issues you must approach, large or small. Thursday the 5th is an excellent day to bring the hammer down on the bigger decisions you may have been weighing or waiting for recently. Your schedule in the evening may be difficult to maintain but everything seems to work out fine. Friday the 6th it is easy to solicit help from other people, especially any members of the opposite sex, who seem to want to bend over backwards to accommodate you, particularly Aries, Sagittarius, Leo and Cancer. You are also not above helping yourself to just about anything. Saturday the 7th seems to be a smooth day but others may bring many requests or chores to you so you will have to cut it close if you want some me time. Sunday the 8th your judgment is poor and it would be wise to postpone any important decisions. The rest of the day appear is filled with quality time that you can enjoy with your family and friends.


Pouring your heart, soul and effort into love matches is likely this week, especially near the 2nd to 4th with scant returns likely. Long talks may be required to fix what seems to you to be trivial matters they are important nonetheless. Single Lions may find hot prospects in friend of a friend connections, especially when attending events for pals. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


New friends are indicated near the 2nd to 4th and may prove to be powerful allies in career/profit and potential romantic success if they are Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer or other Lions.


Solid ground feels best this week as any shifting risky, unclear or cluttered deals tend to make you back off and probe for more info. Some Lions strike hot pay dirt in deals near the 5th/6th but may have to invest time, effort, money and planning before a pay off even shows near as soon as the 9th/10th or more likely, mid December.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by a realization that you need the love and attention of others. You're disciplined enough to accomplish anything you want. Rid yourself of bad habits. Problems with older woman in your family may be alarming. You should do things that involve family reunions. Get yourself into projects that will enhance your appearance and help you change your self-image. Be careful not to manipulate a situation to your own liking. Your emotions are frenzied. Read more...