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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius

Week of 26th August 2019 to 1st September 2019

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 26th indications are you're in the mood for cheerfulness and the pursuit of beauty and pleasure. This is a very busy and beefed-up week for Aquarius. In fact this week is all about Aquarius. Several aspects throw you in the spotlight day after day. We begin with Monday and the desire to make changes. That leads us to Tuesday the 27th when your patience for people with too much complaints and emotions running to you for problem solving dampens your mood and shortens your fuse. Normally you like to problem solve. Try to have patience and problem-solve for them today as they see you as their alpha and omega. Don't disappoint them. Wednesday the 28th you're back on top again with a more idealistic outlook but remember to focus on your future and do not dwell on your past. Your past is like an old yellow back novel. Once you're done reading it, just throw it away. Thursday 29th indications are for a slightly challenging day as you tolerate some of the indignations of others but your evening shows that you become the life of the party and the center of attention in what appears to be at the very least, some sparkling social life of some kind at whatever kind of gathering small or large, you attend. Friday the 30th everything changes and your originality begins to show as new directions and new choices lead you to big opportunities. Saturday the 31st opportunities continue and meld into romantic or personal upgrades. You also appear to get to spend the day however you'd like, perhaps with your honey do list. Sunday the 1st you may be off to a great start as indications are you make solid new friends in an exciting social life at community events or through friends of friends. These friends that you make appear to be lifelong and have much in common with you. Nothing makes you happier than knowing you may make a new friend and this aspect indicates more than one new friend is likely for a hefty cross-section of you.


There is a substantial threat of termination energy 26th, particularly if you project an apathetic attitude. Nothing is more irritating to a partner than behaving as if you really don't give a damn: Rhett Butler you are not and if you don't want to lose Scarlett forever, zip your lip. Small issues tend to escalate quickly the 27th into the 28th and bickering can be the result the 29th... Sadly, over what ultimately may prove to be absolutely nothing worthwhile, and in some cases even unable to recall a few days later what the heck it was all about. While this is not a good week for singles, once we hit the 1st of September, excellent opportunity surface and quickly for long lasting and fulfilling relationship ties. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


It's possible that friends may be a pathetic or even feel like a mini depression has overtaken them and this could lead you into dancing like a puppet on a string trying to either entertain and distract them or pull them out of their funk by making sacrifices of your own time, effort, energy or in some cases reputation, particularly with co-worker pals. Do not place their interests ahead of your own, lets you project the wrong image to power people who may be observing what is going on.


There is termination of employment through the 26th and 27th, and some of you may find it has absolutely nothing to do with your talent or ability and everything to do with just how things are, including corporate changes, new policies, new systems or other types of changes that just sweep you up into them. Conversely, there is employment for the unemployed! Your stars indicate opportunity for change may be right at the expense of loss -- as everything happens for the best. Do not be seen as combative, uncooperative or argumentative near the 26th, the 29th, or late on the 30th, as you may project the wrong image of your investment level and be mistaken for someone who lacks respect for your employer or company.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by the support you receive from an active partner. Pure facts and data are the currency of the moment. Colleagues are brimming with ideas for you. Digesting all of them, however, is a near impossibility. The trick is to sift through everything that comes your way and select just exactly what you need. The energy you feel will help you to reach your goals. It's vital that you don't promise the world to everyone. While this could help for the present, it may create complications for the future. Little mistakes are easier to correct before their consequences grow too big. You're still at the stage where you can have fun with this. You'll gain exceptional mental clarity & be able to learn concepts fast. Read more...