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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius

Week of 14th October 2019 to 20th October 2019

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 14th your stars show you have a tendency to get your hopes extremely high but there is little by way of cooperation and support so it looks like if you wish to make your plans or dreams come true you're going to have to fly this one totally solo. Tuesday the 15th a much more productive and active day is indicated, albeit a very busy one, there is far better chance for you to have things ideal today than it was yesterday. Wednesday the 16th much may be brought to you and laid at your feet with others who are asking for more problem solving and assistance with the things they seem lost on. This is nothing new to you, as you have had this one your whole life. Many of you live to serve and you'll get the chance again today. Good news on finance is likely and may arrive early in the day for those of you who hit this one. Thursday the 17th there appears to be a great deal of discussion and talking and many of you may be asked to join groups, forums, committees or head up task force or responsible parties to accomplish tasks that are essential for the good of a company that leads to profit for yourself. Friday the 18th is filled with small demands and more problem solving but this looks like low level and very easy demands that can be knocked off one after the other in very short order to end on a very good note and quickly. You show a very entertaining and enjoyable evening where you could easily be the center of attention and it's not even your birthday! Saturday the 19th you are original, inventive and creative and get to spend the day doing your own thing without interruption, or at least the vast majority of you do. Sunday the 20th is another ideal day with family gatherings and close emotional ties likely with a serving of strong sentiment, indicating many of you have highly enjoyable encounters with friends and family.


Sentimental love, old established love and especially love of partner appear to grab center stage this week and grow deeper and deeper almost unexpectedly. New love, may actually come in a bit uncomfortable to some of you; as if you want to say "wait, wait, I'm not really ready for this yet. My head's not in the game correctly!" After the 17th, you may have to actually bring that one up verbally and remind someone that you are dealing with issues that just may not have you "...in the right space right now, so don't get the wrong idea, please." Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Your pals will know if you are really in any threatening danger in career, romance or personal life and while there is not much chance of that this week, if you do get a few who jump in feet first concerned for you, hear them out, quell their fears and don't be defensive, or worse yet; catch their insecurity yourself. Just squelch their fears, answer their questions and put them at ease.


Here is where you can really shine this week! A hefty cross section of you show offers, opportunities to upgrade, show your stuff or make dashingly successful lateral moves also. You may have to have all your bases covered and then cover some for others, likely power people and possibly long distance or while en rout. In any case, a line of slam dunks is indicated and you're just the guy/gal to do it!

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to communicate your original ideas. Your excellent memory will aid in your accomplishments. Talk to a friend about personal problems. The advice you get will be sound. Don't promise to do too much for too many. Stay calm. Making changes will be costly. You're sitting pretty, in fact, this is just a premonition of the next few months ahead which are super favorable to your sign. You should go after anything you want. The gods are smiling on you now. Focus on your professional gains. You can make headway if you put your mind to it. Problems that older relatives face will become your dilemma. Try to do what you can to help, but don't let their troubles disrupt your personal life. If you lend money, you won't get it back. Read more...