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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius

Week of 30th January 2023 to 5th February 2023

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 30th, you probably can't get away from problem-solving for some people. They will undoubtedly bring you their problems, both small and petty, as well as large and frightening. You have to deal with them one by one. Then reassure them and give them the stability they need, especially the very young and the very old. Questions about health fears must be dealt with quickly and first. Tuesday the 31st seems to be a very productive day in which you can find excellent backing and support for whatever plan you wish to put into action. There's also good news for a reasonable cross-section of you, and you get the nod you've been waiting for on financing and big sales, especially real estate. Wednesday the 1st, do not compare yourself with the successes or actions of others as this will damage your psyche and reduce your likelihood of success. Accept the fact that you do things your way for the reasons you do them, because they work for you! Thursday the 2nd: Make realistic and sound decisions for your future and plan things as far in advance as you can. A plan does not always work, but my daddy used to say that if you do not plan, you are planning to fail. Play it out to April and you will find rich rewards and success in January and February of next year. Friday the 3rd is another productive day with excellent support from others but do not push the envelope too far and do not know when enough is enough. Saturday the 4th, focus on disciplined work and serious thinking and spend the day not on frivolities but on focus. Sunday the 5th can be a very enjoyable day with quality relaxation for exchange and conversation or just an excellent free time for a "me time" day.


Romance may be cut short this week for some of you who are too easily distracted by either money worries or family issues, and there may even be cancellations of more desirable events to accommodate the needs; likely leaving the love object not too damn happy. You will have to balance one against the other if you meet this one. Otherwise, it seems to be just a mediocre week for the Sea Goat with only fair chances for long-term success unless you hook up with an Aries or a Libra! Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Pals may not be as supportive as you could use this week for some of you, especially if you get hit up for a loan, which is very likely. My advice? Take a good, long look at this person's history. Have they always paid you back or have they been successful at paying you back? Then it's probably a go. If not, you may want to sleep on it, especially if the request comes in between Thursday and Friday or Sunday afternoon/evening.


For many of you the focus is on success and within this week for an important cross section of you. I can see that there are Capricorns who have things well maneuvered and ready to spring at just the right time! This week could be it for many of you, especially if it looks like your ideal days will come together from Wednesday into Thursday.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's horoscope is highlighted by a small matter that you would normally dismiss as "things happening" that could set your temper on fire. One cause could be recent, rather impractical moves on the part of your friend or partner. Although you may be tempted to pick up the phone and tell him or her off, think about it and decide that what he or she did was in both of your best interests, so don't stay mad. Stick to the plan, whatever it is, both professionally and personally. Don't stray, no matter how hard the road gets, stay on the beaten path. A problem may erupt that you have to deal with, it could be a friend or an older family member. Read more...