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Taurus Weekly Horoscope for Taurus

Week of 14th October 2019 to 20th October 2019

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 14th appears to be filled with different plans and activities and some of them may focus around special holiday or celebration ideas and good planning and better judgment may be essential to their success. The plans of others may derail a few of yours so be sure to put things back on track quickly. Small celebrations and last-minute gatherings appear likely for a hefty cross-section of you. You may be celebrating anything from personal success to holiday observances. Tuesday the 15th you are prone to be slightly extravagant but also show excellent harmony and strong insightful feelings. Your ESP is in great shape. Wednesday the 16th you show excellent romance and strong popularity as being the center of attention becomes likely along with excellent financial news and getting the green light on all kinds of projects, especially those that do include money. Thursday the 17th most of your day is filled with strong harmony and several discussions but your evening warns that you should be highly discriminatory especially in deeply personal or romantic situations. Friday the 18th is a busy and demanding day and many of you show a full plate of activities and responsibilities likely. Several things must be carried out and there are even more excellent discussion. Sound decisions may depend on what's going on in the other guy's brain and you're going to have to look for signals and clues from their body language and their eye movements to be able to get inside their head and know exactly what's going on to detect truth from lies and get the signals right. Saturday the 19th is an excellent day for you with relaxing me time and quality accomplishments likely for the vast majority of you. Sunday the 20th you show new career opportunities coming your way and whether it's because Mr. Big is deciding your fade off site or you are mixing and schmoozing at some event oh, it doesn't matter. In some way the cosmos is deciding to send new opportunities your way.


For you, there is always worth in every status; some thing you gain, learn or glean from the processes, even if it should be a somewhat painful one! This week is filled with worth while love and can come in many forms. There are also likely invitations for the Bull this week to join in, be there or even travel to a location. Trysting is not out of the question and any Taurus who is about to meet someone they have been getting to know via the net and the phone for the first time, will most likely be thrilled! And I am happy for you! Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Financial woes of others may stimulate you to step forward and offer to rescue a pal. This is not bad in itself, but give thought to two things first; most of all, can you afford this and next of all, is this an offer that may insult or oblige someone to the degree that it could ruin a friendship. These are serious things and while there is not termination energy out there for the Bull, it may hit some of you on the cusp of Aries; April 21st, 22nd and definitely the 20th.


Much of the 14th into 15th is organizing, set up and preparation and then the boom may get lowered the PM of the 16th or the 17th and everything should be in place and ready to go for what appears to be a rather well done, well set up lucky streak. But, I don't think luck has as much to do with it as networking, standing guard, using total control and calling in every promise you have out there, did, does or will do. You rock, just get it done and shine!

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to put the spark back into your life. Mental challenges will help rejuvenate you. Promises will be broken. If you try to finalize a deal be sure to get it in writing. Entertain people who can offer you valuable information and knowledge. Your jealous need to possess will entice your partner even more. You have great energy to get your world more organized. Buy something that helps you to do this job. It might be something practical, or it could be something attractive that in turn, lifts your spirits. Whatever it takes, do it. Financial speculation could be attractive. Your willingness to help others is probably going to cause fatigue if you don't learn to draw the line. You have taken on way too much and made too many promises to friends and family. Things have become stale, and you need to regenerate yourself with new information. Start doing some avid reading or sign up for courses. Read more...