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Libra Weekly Horoscope for Libra

Week of 23rd November 2020 to 29th November 2020

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 23rd can be your day to get everything organized with all your ducks in a row and ready to go for the week. Many of you appear to have special projects lined up and are anxious to have things set to go for the week of the 30th as well as later this week. Today can be a highly cooperative one in which scheduling and contact with people individually can play a major role and all that. Tuesday the 24th the majority of your day appears extremely pivotal for your success with employment for the unemployed, second interviews and callbacks likely. If there is great ease with the opposite sex and support from those you least expect it. There is a note, however, to be extremely discriminating in your romantic life during the evening hours. Wednesday the 25th setting up all of your accomplishments and keeping your actions steady from project to project while finishing each one is essential. Thursday the 26th can be somewhat challenging as indications are your very early morning hours are the most important as you balance your self carefully and keep your thinking in tune with your actions. The rest of the day seems to be chiefly about scheduling and keeping yourself on schedule and disciplined in your actions. Friday the 27th your day seems split in two with an emotional and productive morning and then and impulsive change in mood at noon time with some very high hopes and unrealistic plans possible in the afternoon hours. There's an excess of emotions indicated in the late afternoon and evening and it makes me wonder if you aren't having some kind of discussion or even argument over money. All this seems odd since indications are that today is very good for you for money. Saturday the 28th more good news over money appears likely as your insights and intuitions seem to rise very strongly. The day itself looks extremely rewarding and can be relaxing and enjoying for the majority of you. Sunday the 29th lots of discussions and exchanges are slated, leading me to believe that most of you have a typical Sunday with friends and family involved intimately.


Outside of the 23rd, which does show some termination threat for a very small cross section of you; this is actually a good week in love! Most of you may find yourselves enjoying long talks and honest emotions and end the week feeling closer than you were before it started. That is for most of you. The other small section seems to be very reflective and if you think or talk it over you may find a level of unhappiness at some status and it may be time to redo or rethink a relationship of some kind. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Many of you will likely either travel and spend time visiting or staying with pals or just the opposite; they stay with you. Sharing old times, making new memories and if you are both single; doubling your romantic karma, making very successful encounters for both of you, rather likely! If one of you is paired and the other not, be careful how you are perceived especially by the spouse of your pal. Doing the right thing is a choice and it just doesn't happen to fall in your lap.


The big buzz word for you in career this week is approved. If you deal with anything that is not supported, approved of or has past muster make sure you get permission, have all you need at your disposal or do not move ahead with projects, goals or passing what you added to it along to the next phase or person after the 25th unless you have been given all the green lights you need or feel comfy with.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by subjective influences,subtle prejudices, or personal biases color your thoughts and decisions more than you realize right now. Interactions with children or family members can be a bit frustrating, as if you are repeating the “same old words” and not really getting anywhere. On the other hand, things you may have felt for some time but have not voiced may pop out of you unexpectedly, creating some minor tension or embarrassment. But you can stir your deepest waters and find inspiration and passion within yourself. Read more...