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Libra Weekly Horoscope for Libra

Week of 15th August 2022 to 21st August 2022

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 15th, you're quick on your toes and even faster with your gray matter, as you are able to solve problems and work through almost anything that is set before you. You have the ability to cut through all the emotional chaff in your life. Tuesday the 16th is an extremely expeditious day and one in which you can soundly accomplish many things and quickly. Your insights are keen and your ESP is strong. Wednesday the 17th, a great deal of work may be brought to you and set before you, but it's nothing you can't handle or complete. You also show employment for the unemployed, upgrades to existing current status and the opportunity to make changes that will benefits you in some manner. Thursday the 18th appears to be an extremely progressive and highly accomplished day for Libra with everything going down very fast. Some of you may actually get dizzy there's so much to do. Success is highly indicated. Friday the 19th is an attractive and busy day with excellent accomplishments and willing energy from the universe that help support your goals and your drive for success. Saturday the 20th, your temper is short and you must guard against giving anyone a tongue lashing in the morning hours. Your later afternoon hours improve somewhat and your evening is far better. Sunday the 21st, you can find support for your ideas as others seem far more receptive and are complementary and warm-hearted towards you. Your emotions for the day also seem to be a far better fit.


This week is so bad for maintenance of current status that I am not going to even speak about new love! Keeping your finger on the pulse of a current healthy status is the most single important thing you can do this week. If there is even the smallest of threats it must be addressed and eliminated immediately, if not sooner. This can be a good week for singles but not until Friday to Sunday. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


You are so easily wounded by things any pal might say. You can have your heart broken in a variety of ways and with the wave of one tongue! A less than thoughtful pal may cause you some kind of pain or distress this week and it is probably more likely that they have no idea they have done so. Telling them is a sticky wicket this week, wait until next week to broach the subject. If it was done deliberately, or if they have moved on through normal life situations like job promotion, marriage, or a move, you can most likely adjust -- but if they break your heart, recovery time will be needed.


This week may see you taking one of THE worst poundings you've had since early May and certainly, last February! There appear to be returns of old problems or issues on Monday/Tuesday, outright sabotage on Wednesday, and some good news and cooperation on Thursday, leading you into a solid solution on Friday. Keep punching away at it and show yourself to be a trooper and others will join in on your side.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by a need to concentrate more diligently on work at this time. Your performance can be lacking in both focus and inspiration because of confusion or anxiety about your work obligations. Other people may attempt to undermine or frustrate your efforts, leaving you prone to deception and disappointment at work. You may discover you are sacrificing your own personal interests with regard to your work or intimate relationships. .On the other side of things, this week is a good time for taking risks, for speculating and going for the long shot. Your sense of enterprise and ambition may well be on target and can provide you with great rewards. Enjoy the playing of the game; then cash in at the finish. Read more...