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Libra Weekly Horoscope for Libra

Week of 27th March 2023 to 2nd April 2023

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 27th is very productive, with excellent results, extremely good prospects, and wonderful profit potential. Many of you will be creative, inventive, and original. Tuesday the 28th, you will want to adopt a more balanced attitude of fair work equals fair play, and not too much of either will be good for you. But for those who have had their nose to the grindstone, it's time to have a little fun and vice versa. It seems time to get employed for those who have been free and not working! Excellent opportunities for interviews and second callbacks seem likely yesterday and today, and there are jobs for the unemployed. Wednesday the 29th: Your emotions must be balanced with your thinking, or you will go too quickly from one extreme to the other. You're a little unsettled today, and it's easy to jump from one to the other too quickly. Keep yourself balanced, and the day will be productive. Thursday the 30th: Make sure your actions are steady, and you do not waver on your schedule. Also, keep your word and do not break any promises you have made, especially in your personal life in the evening to your spouse and youth. Friday the 31st, stick to your routine for the day and keep it going normally, and by the end of the day, there will be good news about money for the vast majority of you. Saturday the 1st, signs point to a rather pleasant day. While there may be some extra work or chores for a good cross-section of you, most of you seem to have plenty of time for fun and mischief today. Sunday the 2nd, be diplomatic and avoid stubbornness. You will find that you can enjoy a wonderful, typical Sunday of gatherings and exchanges. Once again, balancing your thinking with your emotions would be wise.


You may not be feeling as romantic as you'd like, having more basic concerns on your mind, especially from Monday to Thursday, and then you can relax and start thinking about some fun things as we approach Friday/Saturday, and if you can get into the spirit of whatever is going on in your part of the world, you may find that luck in love comes right along with it, especially in the mood of the significant other who can make your chimes ring - or not! Read the weekly partner horoscope...


You always seem to be wringing your hands over many issues. It takes a really good friend who has known you a long time to recognize when you are in a really tough place and too stoic to reach out and ask for help. Taurus, Cancer, Aries, Scorpio, and Gemini buddies can seem almost focused on picking that out of your life! Just let them help!


Some good news seems likely from Wednesday to Thursday, but it may come with a ton of work, primarily responsibility and other forms of you being in charge waves within a particular goal, project, or deal. Indications are that you will see it through smoothly, and if there is a bump in the road, it comes on the heels of Tuesday.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's horoscope is highlighted by possible accusations of fraud or deceitful actions that could wreak havoc on others. However, it could also spark a fresh start in your new direction. It would be best if you put things in a more positive perspective. Things are going very well, but you may feel something is missing. You'll be able to achieve your immediate goals if you learn to listen to others. You need to focus your energy on a new plan or project to achieve your goals. Please don't look for anything particular, but something will surely present itself. Express your appreciation to those who have helped you along the way. Learn to let things come to you instead of chasing rainbows. Read more...