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Libra Weekly Horoscope for Libra

Week of 14th October 2019 to 20th October 2019

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 14th appears to be a busy and demanding day and the message from the stars is enjoy yourself with excellent planning and gatherings but keep in mind that the plans of others may conflict with your own so make allowances for minor distractions or interruptions that may occur, especially early in the day or at any time during special plans. Tuesday the 15th is a busy and active day and you are prone to excessive emotions and some extravagance and these can be how you splash your time and effort about throughout the day. For a small cross-section of you it can be how you splash your money about, as well. Wednesday the 16th is an introspective day and one in which you might want to examine your self motives and how you weave them throughout the day. Look for the impetus that drives you to do the things you do and the choices that you make. They may answer many questions. Thursday the 17th your stars indicate a busy and active day with a great deal of information bubbling to the surface and some enlightenment showing you the answers to many things, but your stars suggest that you be very discriminating in romantic situations and once again sleeping on it seems to be a good idea. Friday the 18th your stars indicate a demanding and busy day with much that is brought to you and hefty investments of time and effort into the day sorting through a plethora of activities and duties that you invest into the day. Saturday the 19th is a total change and one in which you can enjoy the fruits of your labor through a relaxing and quality me time day. Sunday the 20th new career opportunities will be gifted to you from the cosmos and may come in any form -- from immediate to down the line. For those of you who elect to go shopping, a beautiful purchase is indicated and even if you don't shop, this aspect may come in the form of a beautiful gift that you were not expecting. Given it may be your birthday oh, several beautiful gifts may come your way.


Your odds of landing a hefty jolt of romantic attention are very, very good! Not only is the quality of what you could land good it also appears to be very lasting even if it is an upgrade on current status and it is even more promising if it is brand new. Either way, you show an impressive week with more to follow. Paired Scales do just as well, especially with growing closer. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


You have always gone through life attached at the hip to another living person; a sibling in your youth, a best pal in your adult years and a life partner once you mature. But your heart always remembers the tie that binds or that bound over those long, lost needy years when the person on the other end of your needs was always there. Give them a call this week! all of them!


There is no doubt that your week starts out in place and ready to go with all indicators set on green. The only small hiccup appears to be the 17th when it could go either way or, form a small delay and even that appears to fix itself in time and everything pulls ahead nicely. Co ventures may be somewhat problematic for the day on the 15th but just stay on top of things and you should be alright.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by new aspects of your career. The property, funds or wealth that you share with others is favored. The resources of others, whether it's your partner or a company, or another individual, can benefit you at work. Patience at home is required. Your criticism may not be taken too well. Learn from your past experiences. The longer you let things go the worse they'll get. You will feel uncertain. Your opinions are changing and re-evaluation is necessary. Don't take your frustrations out on loved ones. You will take things the wrong way at an emotional level. Problems with in-laws or nosy relatives may get your dander up. Keep your personal life to yourself. Don't take action unless you have proof. Don't push your luck when dealing with friends or children. This is not the time to be negative. The backlash will put you in a lonely position. Read more...