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Libra Weekly Horoscope for Libra

Week of 28th September 2020 to 4th October 2020

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Monday the 28th you show excessive emotions and the day is a highly active one where your emotions can easily rise and fall with the jitters. While it's an excellent day to make decisions, you need to keep in mind that your unconscious scruples can upset your romantic harmony in your personal life and that your sexual desires need refined expression. The day itself as far as your career goes, is an excellent one, particularly with those great decisions you tend to make but in your private life you would be wise to heed my previous advice. Tuesday the 29th is a busy and active day filled with wonderful opportunities but many of them may be duties that have been forced upon you by others. See them as favors that have been requested without polite structure. Wednesday the 30th be extremely discriminating and each of your decisions throughout the day and after the end of business hours it's time to be discriminative in your romantic life in the evening. Thursday the 1st the full moon in Aries makes you very nervous and challenging throughout the day with hard tasks and tedious work. It's not a bad day, but it can feel like a very draining one by the time you get through with it. It's an accomplished one but one that you will definitely pay for and feel tired at the end of. Friday the 2nd you are supercharged and back on your feet, diving into the day with excellent accomplishments and promising profit. Saturday the 3rd there is more excellent profit and good news about money along with some kind of surprise bonus or gift/blessing of some kind. Sunday the 4th you can relax and enjoy friends and family along with additional financial news, probably about a friend or loved one who has some kind of exciting tidbit to share with you.


There can be some very impressive pickings this week and many of your choices or chances may prove to be life long suddenly pick up speed or rise so quickly to the next level that you are swept off your feet! Many Scales will come out of this week, paired off and on their way to the alter or cohabitation of some rewarding kind. If you are still unattached, there is plenty of time left in the Aries Year for you to land what you want. It's just prime time, right now for Aries and Libra! You go, guys and gals! You go! Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Friends? You can't have too many. Every Libras network is bulging at the seams with good, better, best and very best BFF's. Yours is no different, unless you are reading this and you are, like, 14 years old, then you've only got a start on it. Imagine what you will have when you are 24... let alone 34 or 44! It's mind boggling! Use your network this week for a list of things you'll be needing! That's what friends are for, and you'd be the first to knock yourself out for someone else!


This may be one of the biggest and most important weeks in your career since last March/April, some time in August or maybe not again for six years, and all signs point to a very successful outcome, even on situations, events, goals or projects that have been pronounced done, dead or forgotten. There is still life breathed into goals and plans and you are far from not being able to make a difference or hands off. Those of you who are self employed or commission based may yet be sitting on a fortune that will pay off and soon!!!

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to bide your time. You need to continue to play the waiting game. Others want answers right away, but you should take some time to analyze the whole picture. If you try to push the process faster, something will hit the fan. Unfounded suspicions and accusations will only make others more uncomfortable. It's better to keep quiet than to be negative. A surprise will shake things up and provide you with some answers. Try to be as discreet as possible. You're ready to accept the news but not everybody is. If you expect the circumstances to change, you'll be ahead of the competition. By week's end, you should take a couple of days to just lay low and wait. Your idea of home is broad and your positive approach will have a profound effect on those around you. Find out their likes and dislikes. Read more...