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Libra Weekly Horoscope for Libra

Week of 6th July 2020 to 12th July 2020

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


You appear to put a great deal into the day for one reason or another with heavy investments that last all the way to sunset. For the best cross section of you these investments appear to pay off excellently with hefty returns of appreciation, love, affection and profit. Tuesday the 7th a challenging morning of scattered behavior may have others running to you for solutions especially Aquarius, Cancer, Leo, Aries and Gemini. The day itself is a productive one but the interruptions in the morning may cut your time in half from what appears to be a very productive afternoon. Wednesday the 7th is another day where you may be problem-solving from pillar to post for other people who appear to be entangled in misunderstandings and garbled communications from most likely, Mercury retrogrades tawdry influence. Thursday the 9th is a day where you can relax with friends but do tend to be a little bit on the extravagant side. Trying too hard, spending yourself too much in effort, emotions and money and pushing the envelope in your typical style are just a few of the things that might happen to many of you today. Friday the 10th may be a highly accomplished and well-organized easy day in which you can push through many of your most valued and treasured goals and accomplishments with great cheer and cooperation from others. The best one to run to is any member of the opposite sex who owes you any kind of favor. Even if they do not, ask anyway, as today is indications are you will get the nod on almost anything. Saturday the 11th a day of accomplishments allows you to empty your plate and get many things done and the evening shows harmony, need, cheerfulness and affection in great proportions and makes for an excellent evening to plan any kind of romantic endeavor. Sunday the 12th with Mercury going direct it's almost a celebration day! Indications are for a very relaxed and cheerful day filled with friendly energies but a great need for patience especially in the evening hours.


You tend to use rose colored glasses and easily look beyond flaws but some of you may tend to take them off and put up your dukes near the 7th to 9th and in many cases, it will be well deserved. Stand up for yourself and find that backbone if you are sure you are in the right; remain calm but talk it out. Single Scales may find hot prospects but they only appear promising and may, indeed, fizzle before your eyes! Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Enjoyable sharing is what friendship is all about; sharing the fun things and, sharing the load fear, insecurity, worry and even loss. While it is possible you may find yourself at a pals side during a deeply emotional time for them (or you), your stars say the best thing to do is to offer whatever is needed let them know they can ask for anything but let them ask and try not to visit too much upon them unless they ask, especially if they are suffering.


Being or feeling out of balance or going from one extreme to another is very typical this week for a hefty cross section of you, especially the PM of the 7th to AM of the 9th. Once past that you will most likely feel like you can now handle anything! And for many of you, that testing of your steel will leave you exactly in that place; which is where you want to be for the 16th/17th.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your need to catch up on correspondence and conversations. Talk to relatives about your personal problems and insecurities through this period of change. The advice you receive will help you to open your eyes. You'll have the drive to accomplish anything and won't let anyone stand in the way of your progress. Don't reveal too many personal secrets. Empty promises will leave you feeling cold. Expect to have problems with co-workers or employers. Stick to your own work and make sure that someone else doesn't try to take credit for your effort. Don't let your energy run-down. You can have whatever you want if you use your intellectual charm. Your passionate mood and persuasive tactics will be well-received by your mate. Plan a nice quiet week-end for two. Read more...